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Current Issue: Volume 79, Number 3 (2019)



Phenological patterns in the desert spring ephemeral Astragalus holmgreniorum Barneby (Fabaceae)
Kody R. Rominger, Susan E. Meyer, Renee Van Buren, and Allyson B. Searle


Raising pups of urban San Joaquin kit fox: relative roles of adult group members
Tory L. Westall, Brian L. Cypher, Katherine Ralls, and David J. Germano


Population trends of the native fish assemblage in Bonita Creek, Arizona, USA
George N. Zaimes, David Arthun, and Vasilios Liordos



First reported case of diphallia in Corynorhinus townsendii
Nathan W. Fuller, Catherine G. Haase, Kirk A. Silas, Sarah H. Olson, and Liam P. McGuire


Observations on habitat use of age-0 Rio Grande Blue Sucker (Cycleptus sp. cf. elongatus)
Stephanie D. George, Amanda K. Pinion, Kevin W. Conway, Thomas C. Heard, and Joshuah S. Perkin