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Current Issue: Volume 80, Number 4 (2020) — Issue in Progress



Lower predation with increasing altitude in the mesquite lizard Sceloporus grammicus
Miguel A. Domínguez-Godoy, J. Erick Gómez-Campos, Robyn Hudson, and Aníbal H. Díaz de la Vega-Pérez



Postfire breeding behavior in Couch's spadefoot toad (Scaphiopus couchii) along the San Pedro River, Arizona
Sidney B. Riddle, Cheyenne J. Herzog, Heather L. Bateman, and Mason J. Ryan


Gastrointestinal parasites in the neotropical otter (Lontra longicaudis annectens) in Central Mexico
Erika Y. Badillo Flores, Marcos G. Torres Tobón, C. Gustavo Aguilar Cabrera, O. Eric Ramírez-Bravo, and Eva Romero Callejas


Jaguars and roads in the Calakmul region, evidence of road crossing and collisions with vehicles
Edwin L. Hernández-Pérez, Joaquín López Sosa, Diana Friedeberg, Fernando M. Contreras-Moreno, and Mircea G. Hidalgo-Mihart


Brood parasitism of Greater Sage-Grouse by California Quail in Idaho
Jordan C. Rabon, Sarah E. McIntire, Peter S. Coates, Mark A. Ricca, and Tracey N. Johnson