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Current Issue: Volume 82, Number 4 (2022)



Pollination ecology of island endemic plants: a case study on the California Channel Islands
C. Sheena Sidhu, Giselle E. Lozano, Michelle C. Miner, Emily Howe, and Erin E. Wilson-Rankin


Potential local extirpation of an imperiled freshwater mussel population from wildfire runoff
Andrew J. Lawrence, Cindy Matuch, Jacquelyn J. Hancock, Andrew L. Rypel, and Laura A. Eliassen


Injuries and abnormalities of the southwestern pond turtle (Actinemys pallida) in the Mojave River of California
Kristy L. Cummings, Jeffrey E. Lovich, Shellie R. Puffer, Sarah Greely, Christopher D. Otahal, and James Gannon


Factors related to the distribution and abundance of westslope cutthroat trout in central Idaho
Kevin A. Meyer, Curtis J. Roth, Brock A. Lipple, and Paul K. Link



The history of cougars in Yellowstone National Park
William J. Ripple PhD, Robert L. Beschta, and Luke E. Painter


Necrotic lesions and associated mites of the pinnae of free-living bats Artibeus jamaicensis and Sturnira hondurensis from Mexico
Silvia S. Zalapa, Sergio Guerrero-Vázquez, Cornelio Sánchez-Hernández, Juan B. Morales-Malacara, Gabriela Castaño-Meneses, José L. Navarrete-Heredia, David Ávila-Figueroa, and Francisco Javier Padilla-Ramírez