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Current Issue: Volume 80, Number 3 (2020) — Issue in Progress



Body mass and primary molt patterns of Greater Sage-Grouse in Colorado
Clait E. Braun, Peter O. Dunn, Gregory T. Wann, Michael A. Schroeder, and Jerry W. Hupp


Relentless predation on Gunnison’s prairie dogs (Cynomys gunnisoni) by a single American badger (Taxidea taxus)
Samantha M. Kagel, Rachel S. Ziejka, Lauren M. L. Averilla, Brittany A. Minnig, and John L. Hoogland


Population genetics of the Wyoming endemic Phlox pungens Dorn (Polemoniaceae)
Katherine Waselkov, Mercedes Santiago, Bonnie Heidel, Mark H. Mayfield, and Carolyn J. Ferguson



Notes on the distribution and the lekking and nesting behaviors of the Mexican Hermit (Phaethornis mexicanus griseoventer) in west-central Mexico
Mónica Rivas, Jeshael Medina, Ana Luisa Santiago-Pérez, Sarahy Contreras-Martinez, and Verónica Carolina Rosas-Espinoza


Photographic confirmation of Crested Guan (Penelope purpurascens) from a relict maple forest in western Mexico
Alejandro Pérez-Arteaga, S. Alejandra Mora-Sánchez, Sylvia S. Zalapa, and Sergio Guerrero-Vázquez