This collection of student work showcases the diverse and exemplary research done by BYU students. Students produce an array of creative papers, from posters to papers. Browse through this collection to learn more about marketing, Shakespeare, and much more!

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Submissions from 1983


A Research Study of Chuck-A-Rama's Customers, Food, and Services, Aaron Cobabe, Brendan Snow, Betty Ward, and Scott Hales


Marketing research and analysis for Soter Associates, Inc., Greg Vidrine, Steve Crandall, Toni Lehner, and David Reschke

Submissions from 1975


A History of the Program Bureau at Brigham Young University, Thomas Zimmerman

Submissions from 1964


Springville Rivoli Theater, Dale Allred, Jerald L. Dixon, Rod Henderson, and Gerald Olpin

Submissions from 1947


Mammals of Utah County, James W. Bee