Russian Language Journal


Rusian language learning, Russian language teaching, student-centered teaching


This volume consists of twelve chapters, three written by the editors setting an overview of "student-centered teaching" (two at the start of the volume and one at the end), with nine chapters in the middle, written by different authors. These nine center chapters share a basic structure: an opening statement of the problem they will look at, a Russian-language version of that overview, then several pages of theory/background on the specific topic being addressed, and then a discussion of the specific study/intervention conducted. Each chapter ends with both a conclusion and a "lessons learned" section. Each of the nine center chapters focus on different aspects of instruction, and they are often further enriched with appendices providing specific examples of the materials referenced in the chapter. These nine chapters will be particularly helpful to current and future teachers in providing guidance and examples for how to implement practices that can only loosely be called "student-centered."