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The Russian contribution to the Routledge Concise Grammars series is Da!: A Practical Guide to Russian Grammar by Tatiana Filosova. Different from the reference grammars more-advanced students and scholars of Russian may turn to, this book’s intended audience is the less-experienced language learner. Those familiar with the first edition know that within each of the book’s thirty-one chapters, the author suggests the relevance of each chapter’s content according to three levels of proficiency: elementary (referred to as level one), lower intermediate (level two), and upper intermediate (level three). Each level is given a description based on approximate equivalents with and expectations from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the Common European Framework, and Moscow State University. Sections labeled as level one introduce the student to a concept and discuss form and basic function(s) with examples. Sections labeled as level three provide advanced functions and exceptions, offer interesting colloquial alternatives, or cover more complicated grammar. Sections labeled as level two generally overlap in content with levels one and three. The author states that the book can be used as a supplement to other textbooks and course materials or for self-directed learning.