Russian Language Journal


Filip Zachoval


studies, learning, teaching, language, Russian classroom


In recent years, a number of empirical and conceptual studies about Project-Based Learning (PBL) have presented consistent arguments rationalizing this approach to language learning and teaching. However, there are no known studies available on PBL in the Russian language classroom. This article presents the results of a qualitative research study that investigates incorporating an individualized reading project into a third-semester Russian classroom. Within the movement of studentcentered pedagogies, the overall purpose of this study was: (a) to implement a reading project into a third-semester university Russian language class and (b) to provide an analysis of some of the educational gains made by students in the class. More specifically, the article reports the effects of this experimental treatment on students’ reading habits and beliefs regarding foreign language (FL) learning and provides insight into students’ perception of the project implementation. The results demonstrate that the project implementation had a positive effect on reading habits and beliefs regarding FL learning, and that the project implementation was received positively by the participants.