feedback, teacher response, metacognition, reflective pedagogy, student-centered


In this essay I discuss the pedagogical implications of a classroom activity in which students work reflectively with instructor feedback provided to their writing. Using the comments feature in Google Docs, these “Feedback Conversations” create a dialogue between student and instructor using feedback as the exigence for collaboration in developing a student’s writing process. This activity addresses the work of Anthony Edgington (2020) and Pamela Gay (1998), by offering an exercise which allows instructors to remain reflective on their feedback practices, while also instigating a “conversation” between student and instructor. By offering a virtual space to house this conversational exercise, students are provided a chance to take autonomy in their own learning and writing development. Feedback Conversations give students a direct say in the development of their process, ensuring that the instructor’s is not the only voice being afforded a say in how students are to use feedback to develop their writing process.



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