About JRW


The Journal of Response to Writing (JRW) was founded in 2014 by Dana Ferris, Norm Evans, James Hartshorn, and Grant Eckstein. For several years, members of the founding team had pondered the need for additional scholarly venues for research about writing and response practices. Following further discussion and investigations of the importance of such a venture, the team decided to launch the very journal they felt was needed, and Dana agreed to serve as the founding editor. Thanks to her guidance and support from Brigham Young University, the journal emerged as a premier outlet for writing response research internationally. Dana stepped back into her role on the editorial board in 2017 with Grant Eckstein and Betsy Gilliland serving as co-editors-in-chief; Katherine Daily O'Meara replaced Grant as co-editor in 2020. JRW’s purpose from the beginning has been to increase dissemination of research involving writing response within first, second, and foreign language writing.

Indexing Information

JRW is indexed in MLA.


The Journal of Response to Writing is generously funded by Brigham Young University's Department of Linguistics and the College of Humanities. The Editorial Board appreciates BYU's Faculty Editing Service for their quality editing and formatting of the journal articles and BYU's Harold B. Lee Library and Digital Commons Office for website hosting and management.