Russian Corruption


Since Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000, Russia has been plagued by widespread political corruption (Warren, 2023; Vasilev & Felton, 2024). This corruption has been characterized by the misuse of public funds, bribery, and extortion. It has also involved the suppression of political dissent and the erosion of democratic institutions. As corruption runs rampant within the Russian government, neighboring countries are also recipients of corrupt efforts to destabilize their governments, erode their democracy and jeopardize the support these neighboring countries can give to the security of Euruope as a whole (Stănescu, 2023). There is an increasing need for the international community to take proactive measures to combat the corruption of Russia that creeps into their own lands and support the Russian people in securing a free land of their own. To reach this outcome, one needs to better understand the recent history of corruption in Russia, current realities of corruption and suppression within Russia, and the key elements that need to be addressed to reduce corruption and increase the freedom of the Russian people.