Publication Ethics Statement

JoNI journals uphold a rigorous peer-review process together with clear ethical policies and standards to support the addition of high-quality scientific studies to the field of scholarly publication. Where we become aware of ethical issues, we are committed to investigating and taking necessary action to maintain the integrity of the literature and ensure the safety of research participants.

Submitted manuscripts should conform with JoNI editorial policies and ethical policies as outlined on this webpage and JoNI Instructions for Authors. In addition, submissions should adhere to individual journal guidelines.


  1. Prevention—early detection and flagging of potential ethics issues via automated and manual checks of peer review and manuscript.
  2. Neutrality—to be fair and objective, making assessments to correct the literature where necessary.
  3. Transparency—keeping all parties informed when possible and appropriate, and providing the time for them to respond.
  4. Consistency—ensuring standard processes are followed for the investigation of issues and applicability of policies, and principles and flowcharts of COPE are upheld.