Aims & Scope

Mission. To provide an academic journal that helps bridge the gap between academic research and the practices of nonprofit practitioners working on the ground.

Vision. Promoting best practices through an online, open-access journal by highlighting the latest research, thought papers, and nonprofit spotlights that address innovative approaches to community and global issues.

Philosophy. We promote bias-free research and writing.

  1. Accurate. We carefully check every source in JoNI to ensure the source’s claims and data are accurately reflected.
  2. Curated.We organize JoNI into three logical sections—1) Latest Research, 2) Articles & Thought Papers, 3) Nonprofit Spotlights—thus providing three perspectives into the nonprofit sector and related research and innovations. Each issue has a focus, and all information is related to the topic at hand, allowing audiences to grasp the core facets of an issue.
  3. Reliable. We carefully edit each JoNI for its fundamental ideas, organization, and research, thus ensuring that a published JoNI is always published at a high standard.
  4. Credible. We target the latest, peer-reviewed research, so our audiences receive the most up-to-date information on research, innovative and nonprofit organizations.

JoNI editors are looking for articles, research papers and thought papers from individuals in the academic or the nonprofit communities to address topics related to community and global issues. We are looking for submissions that focus on current and/or innovative approaches to help nonprofit leaders improve their impact by integrating the information into practices on the ground. Readership of the journal includes both academics and practitioners. Author(s) are encouraged to write such that the content of the manuscript is accessible to both groups. When applicable, author(s) are encouraged to include a discussion of the practical application of the findings and ideas to nonprofit practitioners.