Food Scarcity, Urban Farming, Nutritional Optimization, Elimination of Forever Chemicals


Urban farming can enhance the lives of communities and help reduce food scarcity. This paper presents a conceptual prototype of an efficient urban farming community that can be scaled for a single apartment building or an entire community across all global geoeconomics regions, including densely populated cities and rural, developing towns and communities. When deployed in coordination with smart crop choices, local farm support, and efficient transportation then the result isn’t just sustainability, but also increasing fresh produce accessibility, optimizing nutritional value, eliminating the use of ‘forever chemicals’, reducing transportation costs, and fostering global environmental benefits.

Imagine Doris, who is retired. She grows enough lettuce in her apartment to feed herself and 3 other families in a vertical planter that is multiple layers high and 2 layers deep. She grows the lettuce all year long. Local farms grow larger crops with different soil requirements. Others in her apartment building grow enough other vegetables to feed themselves and others. Together they have created sufficient food for all members of the apartment complex to eat a healthy diet every day.

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