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Learn more about the latest research of trauma informed care.

Trauma Defined: “Trauma is the experience of, or perception of, something disturbing or dangerous.” -Julie Karlinsey, LMT, CMHC

Trauma Statistics: “Estimates: six in 10 men and five in 10 women experience at least one trauma… in their lives. Trauma and distress can arise from a wide array of causes, including domestic violence, sexual assault, racism, bias, harassment, economic uncertainty, political division, and more. New challenges arise every day, and conflict and strife anywhere in our globally connected world affect us all.” – Harvard Business Review, March 2022, by Katherine Manning.

Trauma-Informed Care Defined:Trauma-informed care shifts the focus from What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” A trauma-informed approach to care acknowledges that (you) need to have a complete picture of a (person’s) life situation — past and present — in order to provide effective care.” – Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center, Nonprofit Organization.

“6 out of 10 men and 5 out of 10 women experience at least one trauma in their lives.”