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Learn more about nonprofit resources and what's available. Did you know? There are 10 million nonprofits and charities working around the world.

The majority of US based nonprofit make under $1 million a year, with the most of these nonprofits being small, making under $50,000 a year. As these nonprofits work to solve community and global issues, they struggle with limited resources and funding. There is a great need to provide these nonprofits tools and resources to help in their efforts.

A research study from 2020 shows that when nonprofits work together, outcomes are improved (Holzer, 2020). There is a growing need to help nonprofit leaders improve collaboration within the nonprofit sector to see better outcomes. WikiCharities.org is a new platform this journal publication will be addressing to help provide the nonprofit sector with a new tool for collaboration and trust.

There are approximately 10 million nonprofits working around the world, with the majority of these small nonprofits with limited resources.