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The options for second-year Russian textbooks have been very limited, despite a growing number of textbooks at the first-year level and more advanced levels. Этажи fills the need for a stand-alone textbook that can be used for students who have already reached Novice High- Intermediate Low proficiency. What sets Этажи apart is the focus on real-life communication and conversation, and the use of real-life stories, provided by both native speakers of Russian and advanced learners. These written and recorded stories fill the book with relatable content and relevant cultural information, covering topics from dating to holidays to the Russian cafeteria, and serve as the primary linguistic input throughout the book. The topics of the stories are intertwined with the vocabulary and grammar exercises throughout the book, which imparts an authenticity to the activities. This leads to more natural conversations about realistic scenarios, which will attract and keep the attention of students. The book offers a plethora of conversation-based activities, supplemented with vocabulary building activities, grammatical review, and a thorough grammar reference at the end of the book. Этажи will suit the needs of any instructor looking to engage intermediate students (the book could easily be used for second- or third-year courses) with true-to-life conversation topics.