Russian Language Journal


phonetics training, communication in Russian, primary components of Russian intonation, articulatory principles of Russian speech, flow of speech in Russian


The article Practical Phonetics in a Russian as a Foreign Language Course at the Advanced Level discusses major issues and challenges in teaching young adult learners of Russian as a foreign language who have reached the advanced stages of proficiency and who are committed to improving their overall communicative efficiency and clarity of speech in using the language in professional as well as informal contexts. The study reports on an overall presentation of the phonetic design of speech in Russian for use by second language learners at this stage. Particular attention is paid to the specifics of training activities in both articulatory phonetics and in strengthening the learner’s ability to identify and re-produce the range of intonational contours required for effective interpersonal as well as presentational communication at this level. Finally, the study takes note of useful strategies for integrating phonetics work into other aspects of the student’s advanced language courses.