Russian Language Journal


Michal Korenar


cognitive linguistics, Slavic linguistics, general linguistics


In The Mohicans of Paris (1871), Dumas’s detective concludes at some point that a woman was necessarily involved in an investigated crime, leading him to famously exclaim: “Cherchez la femme!”, which is translated to English as “Look for the woman!” (Horn, 1991). One does not need to be an actual detective to reveal the purpose of the reviewed book Each Venture a New Beginning: Studies in Honor of Laura A. Janda. Needless to say, I do not want to imply in any way that Janda has committed a crime. Still, I find the expression rather apposite because the reader can definitely feel her presence rooted in all the selected articles of the present book. Editors Anastasia Makarova, Stephen M. Dickey, and Dagmar Divjak have compiled a volume of studies informed by and proceeding from the voluminous research contributions of Janda to cognitive linguistics, Slavic linguistics, and also general linguistics.