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The editorial team of Russian Language Journal is pleased to present volume 68. This issue sees five articles received through our regular blind review process, one review article, and five book reviews.

In our first section on Pedagogy and Practice, Yunusova provides a theoretical framework for assessing the appropriateness of literary texts for use in foreign language classrooms. Caffee and Lucey describe an innovative peer-to-peer experiential learning project based around foodways. Both of these articles should provide concrete and innovative ideas for Russian language classrooms.

Our second section on Linguistics, contains three articles. Soboleva tackles the thorny question of aspect, applying a Vendlerian approach to the question of derived imperfective verbs in contemporary Russian. Two of the three articles focus on issues of translation. Furner compares advertisements in Russian and English women’s magazines, noting, in some cases, significantly different cultural approaches to the question of advertising. Frizon and Gavrilova examine how translations into English and French have addressed the challenges presented by Tatiana Tolstaya’s novel Kys’, which contains many instances of wordplay, as well as allusions to Russian literature and culture.