Russian Language Journal


advertisement, stereotypes, sociocultural, anthropological, psychological


It is common knowledge that advertisements reflect society. They play an important role in the formation of stereotypes and impose a certain way of life and a certain system of values. By analyzing both the foreground and the background of advertisements as texts, it is possible to reveal not only their primary sales messages but also the embedded social and cultural ones (Frith 1997, 3).

Sociocultural, anthropological, and psychological aspects of Russian advertising and various forms of its impact on public consciousness, morality, and public taste require special attention and research, especially now that advertising has become an integral part of contemporary life in Russian society. Unfortunately, in literature on Russian advertising, there is a limited number of scholarly publications in which advertisements are viewed not only as a part of marketing activities but also in a broader context—as a cultural, anthropological, and socio psychological phenomenon with a certain influence on public consciousness (Trushina 2001, 170; Larionov 2014, 4).