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Concepts of the Prague Linguistic Circle on the American Continent and the Theory of Emotive Language,” discusses the structuralist ideas of the PLC in her publications on the semiotics of language and literary analysis. Steven Franks and Catherine Rudin’s contribution, “Invariant -to in Bulgarian,” investigates the connection of invariant -to, found in relative clauses and wh-constructions, to inflectional -to, found in the neuter definite article. They use syntactic theory as well as comparative Macedonian data to examine the issue. Finally, Donald Reindl, “The Fate of German (Post)Velars in Slovenian Loanwords,” tries to impose some order on a seemingly chaotic situation. German words were borrowed into Slovenian at various times, from various German source dialects, and into a complicated array of Slovenian dialects. In the article, Reindl classifies German velars in three broad groups of correspondences, those explained by historical source language phonology, those explained by Slovenian sound changes, and those with no clear explanation. This contribution adds significant clarity to the sound correspondences between German and Slovenian as well as adding information to several etymologies.