Russian Language Journal


Arto Mustajoki


syntax, language, literature, Russian, English


The purpose of this article is to introduce a model for a meaning-based functional syntax. A full description of the model may be found in our recent monograph (Mustajoki 2006b). Work on the model has been carried out in the Department of Slavonic and Baltic Languages and Literature at the University of Helsinki over the last fifteen years. Given that the above-mentioned book and various shorter publications (Mustajoki 1997, 1999, 2003a, 2003b, 2004) have appeared in Russian, it seems appropriate to give a short overview of the model in English. The only presentation of the model in English thus far is to be found in (Chesterman 1998); but this monograph was based on an earlier version of the model (Mustajoki 1993). A number of corrections and improvements have been made in the most recent version of the model.