Russian Language Journal


linguistic analysis, Russian, contemporary, history


This overview of the papers at the MAPRIAL XI Congress in Varna focuses on presentations in linguistic analysis. Other overviews concentrate on the presentations in other areas. There were a great many highly compelling papers dealing with linguistic analysis, including presentations by some linguists whose names will be very familiar to those who follow this discipline. The papers’ topics ran the gamut from the history and development of Russian to those focusing on the analysis of contemporary Russian, as well as those looking ahead to how Russian may be changing, including current developments in colloquial language and slang. A particular reference which arose several times in different places and contexts – including in the remarks made by Evgenij Evtušenko at the poetry evening before he read some of his works – was the penetration and ubiquitous use of как бы in speech and informal writing (e.g., Internet bulletin boards, chat rooms, blogs, etc.). Of course, since there were many parallel sections, it was impossible to attend all of the presentations which were of interest. Many of the papers that focused more on linguistic analysis were concentrated in Sections I, V, and VII.