Russian Language Journal



linkage, language, Russia, culture, teaching


In his recent study of the linkage between corpus and status planning in language policy formation, Joshua Fishman observes that “languages are increasingly viewed as scarce national resources (not unlike flora and fauna, agricultural or environmental resources, and all other such improvable or alterable resources whose quality can be influenced by planned human intervention).” Given the particular history of language policy development in Russia and the former Soviet states in the 20th century, the appearance in mid-2005 of the new Law on the State Language of the Russian Federation is an event of considerable potential impact on the study and teaching of Russian within Russia as well as abroad. The year 2007 has been designated “Year of the Russian Language” by the Russian President. A program of international events as well as increased support of Russian language and culture study at home is anticipated, while new official regulations on the utilization of Russian in various forms of public discourse are indicated.