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Current Issue: Volume 77, Number 2 (2017)

Front Matter



Between hot rocks and dry places: the status of the Dixie Valley toad
Matthew J. Forrest, Josefin Stiller, Tim L. King, and Greg W. Rouse


Seasonal progression of aquatic organisms in a temporary wetland in northern California
Michael G. Peterson, Kevin B. Lunde, Ming-Chih Chiu, and Vincent H. Resh


Estimating ages of Utah chubs by use of pectoral fin rays, otoliths, and scales
Kayla M. Griffin, Zachary S. Beard, Jon M. Flinders, and Michael C. Quist


A surprising discovery of American pika sites in the northwestern Great Basin
Mackenzie R. Jeffress, K. Jane Van Gunst, and Constance I. Miller



Range extension of the giant water bug Belostoma flumineum Say 1832 (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae) to Saskatchewan, Canada
Iain D. Phillips, Stephen Srayko, Kate S. Prestie, Aaron J. Bell, and Dale Parker


End Matter