We revisited 26 of the 28 known collection sites for the California vole, Microtus californicus, in Baja California, Mexico. With live trapping, we were able to confirm the continued presence of the vole at 7 of these sites, which include all 3 of the subspecies endemic to Baja California. At 14 of these sites, no viable habitat was found. These 14 sites included all known occurrences of M. californicus sanctidiegi in Baja California. Based on capture numbers or lack of habitat, population size may be drastically reduced at all sites except one. Effective conservation actions are required for recovery of California vole populations in Baja California.

Revisitamos 26 de los 28 sitios de colecta conocidos para el meteoro de California Microtus californicus en Baja California, México. A través de trampeo, pudimos confirmar la presencia del meteoro en 7 de estos sitios, que incluyen las 3 subespecies endémicas a Baja California. En 14 de estos sitios, no se encontró hábitat viable. Estos 14 sitios incluyen todos los registros de M. californicus sanctidiegi en Baja California. Los tamaños poblacionales parecen estar drésticamente reducidos en todos los sitios, excepto uno. Se requieren acciones efectivas de conservación para recuperar las poblaciones del meteoro de California en Baja California.

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Twenty-eight historical collection sites for Microtus californicus (California vole, CAVO) in Baja California, Mexico, are georeferenced; historical collections and descriptions are summarized; and, when possible, sites were visited to evaluate habitat and possible continued presence of CAVO. When the habitat indicated that detection of CAVO seemed possible, we trapped for up to 3 nights to try to confirm the presence of voles.