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chivalric poetry, Italy, Luigi Pulci


As a preface to the observations which follow on Luigi Pulci's treatment of the anonymous Orlando in the composition of his chief work, Il Morgante, it should be noted that in the past four decades several scholars in Italy have published significant books on Pulci's chivalric poem. Giovanni Getto published the first edition of his renowned Studio sul "Morgante" in 1944; Gaetano Mariani produced his long comparative essay on Il Morgante e i cantari trecenteschi in 1958; in 1967, the year of the second edition of Getto's study, Angelo Gianni gave us his interpretation of the Morgante's two moments of composition in Pulci uno e due; five years later Salvatore Nigro authored an overview of Pulci e la cultura medicea; and, most recently, Paolo Orvieto, in 1978, published his very detailed and comprehensive Pulci medievale.