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Shall We Show Them?


Howard Taubman


Opera News, Dutch Treat Club


Jussi Bjoerling, when at the top of his form, could pour out tones that compared favorably with any of the strong-voiced tenors I have ever heard whether Giocomo Lauri-Volpi, Giovanni Martinelli, Mario Del Monaco or even, I sometimes thought, Caruso. Bjoerling was a guest once at the Dutch Treat Oub and noticed that in the gathering were Richard Crooks, Charles Kullman and Frederick Jagel, all tenor colleagues at the Met. As he rose to sing, he whispered mischievously, "Shall we show them?" Whereupon he sang Che gelida manina and ended with a high C of such beauty and power that it still rings in my inner ear. When he sat down, he murmured, "How do think my friends liked that!"

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