Desert Island, recordings, Jussi Bjorling


The bad news is that you and your million-dollar yacht have foundered somewhere in the South Seas. The good news is that, as you groggily come to on a stretch of sandy beach, you see beside you a precious waterproof package. No, it is not potable water, nor is it food or clothing or matches. It is something far more precious- your Walkman, a goodly supply of AA batteries, and, yes, your tape of Ten Indispensable Items by the Beloved Bjorling. Now you know that you will survive, for no vagaries of wind, weather, or lack of wherewithal can overcome you; you know that day after day, your spirit will be succored and sustained by JB's magnificent voice. You know that come what may, Robinson Crusoe-like, you will survive. (Question- who first said, ''Thank God, it's Friday"? Answer-Robinson Crusoe!!!).

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