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It Became Cold ...


Kerstin Meyer


En Minnesbok, Royal Opera, Jussi, death


It became cold in the room the morning I received the message that Jussi had left us - cold and empty. He was, in his discreet way, so tremendously alive. It was not only his voice which enchanted opera-goers and his colleagues on the stage, even if it is, first of all, the silenced voice which the whole world is mourning. No, it was also that there emanated such security from him - security and power and strength. It was infectious when one had the good fortune of being able to sing with him. The majority of us at the Royal Opera extended ourselves when Jussi stood on the stage, so that, as singers at least, we rose that step above our usual level of achievement. To hear that stream of glorious sound so near you - well, you would surely have had to possess a completely unmusical soul if you did not try to excel yourself through the sheer joy of being able to blend your voice with his.

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