Amor ti vieta, recitals, recordings, Jussi


"Amor ti vieta" was a popular encore with Jussi's fans. In fact, on the Atlanta Recital CD (Bluebell 020), he says that he will sing the aria in response to a specific request. I think that his approach to this aria is special, and one version, in particular, is peerless. I first heard my favorite in 1957, sung by JB as part of a recital on the fourth side of Cavalleria Rusticana, and it virtually spoiled all other versions for me (RCA LP LM 6059, September 1-7, 1957, conducted by Alberto Erede). Harald Henrysson lists four other renditions: a 1944 studio recording with Nils Grevillius (on both the EMI four-disc set and the new Naxos CD); and three live performances- September 1955, December, 1955, and April, 1959. I have all five versions, and they are as fine as one expects from Jussi, but his 1957 treatment possesses everything which I believe is necessary to make this deceptively simple sounding aria succeed.

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