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The Original Three Tenors" - a fascinating British documentary about Caruso, Gigli and Bjorling which was shown at JBS-USA's June 1999 conference in Washington, DC and which was scheduled for Swedish TV on March 4, 2000- will not be shown in Britain at all nor in the US in the near term. According to Eric Wimbles, our JBAS colleague: "It is with

considerable dismay to have to report that according to an article written by the esteemed critic, John Steane, in the current issue of 'The Gramophone', the BBC is not interested in showing the film produced by John Owen about Caruso, Gigli and Jussi. I have written to Greg Dyke, the Director-General of BBC Television, asking him look into the matter with a view to effecting a change of mind and I urge you all to do the same. And just to rub it in Harald Henrysson tells me that the film will be shown on Swedish TV on 4th March... The good news is that John Owen expects the video of the film to be on sale before next Christmas. I have no price details and it is too soon to talk about discounts, but I will do my best for you." (We'll keep you informed regarding any information we receive from Eric as to availability.)

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