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+ Well, for the committed Jussi-phile (and that certainly includes all members of this Society, by definition}, the biggest media Jussi-fest of the year has to be the publication, in April, of Number 2, vol. 16 of The Opera Quarterly: over 30 pages of fascinating Remembrances of Jussi, by London Green, William Ashbrook, M. Owen Lee, and Robert Baxter; followed by Andrew Farkas' description of his search to track down the answer to one of the mysteries of Jussi's performance-history, in the 14-page article ''Bjorling and Ballo, 'The Most Unkindest Cut of All'". You'll want to follow all the twists and near-misses in this exhaustive story, a subtext of which is: Beware the easy and obvious conclusions offered by experts, real and self-regarded. (Andrew works from reviews and interviews from the conductors, managers, critics and singers who heard him in this opera, in Milan, New York, Chicago, Stockholm, Vienna, New Orleans, San Francisco and Los Angeles, just as part of his story.) Also featured are two substantial and informative reviews, again by Andrew Farkas, of recent CD releases: V Al's transcription of a performance of 'Ballo,· from New Orleans in April 1950; and the Metropolitan Opera's release of the December 10, 1949 broadcast of Manon Lescaut.

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