Jack Allott


Jussi Bjorling Appreciation Society, radio, tenor


It was in the early 1940's - I am sure of that - perhaps 1943 or '44, certainly no later. Our 'wireless', (that's a radio to the under fifty-year olds,) was a little Marconi which sat on a shelf near the back door. From its chrome-edged circular speaker came many sounds of that age. I was an avid listener to the dance orchestras of the day. Occasionally there would be the sound of Nelson Eddy singing manfully of 'Stout Hearted Men' - he was my favourite. Sometimes I'd hear Allan Jones singing the 'Donkey Serenade'. I quite liked him too. There were times when I was told to be quiet. My mum and dad wanted to listen to Richard Tauber or Gigli or a man with the imposing title: Count John McCormack.

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