Playable Case Study, PCS, this is not a game, TINAG, Spanish, second language learning, simulation


To augment the classroom language learning and practice students receive, it is beneficial to provide opportunities for authentic, unrehearsed practice in speaking, listening, reading, and writing the language of study. The Spanish Civil War Museum Exhibit 5-day Simulation is a Playable Case Study (PCS) wherein students of advanced Spanish language may develop critical literacy skills, cultural competence, and linguistic proficiency in the Spanish language. The purpose of this PCS is to immerse students in an authentic narrative that takes place within emails, video chats, and other online activities with the goal of curating a museum exhibit on the Spanish Civil War with secondary school students in Spain as the audience.

The presentation of this PCS is meant to provide a simulated, real-life experience where the participant may believe that this-is-not-a-game (TINAG). The TINAG framework creates an alternate reality for the user participates in realistic activities as themselves as if it were a real situation. This will provide the students with a simulation of a practical, real-world scenario from the convenience of a classroom or lab.

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