coal, steam gasification rate, gasification kinetics, coal char, entrained-flow gasification


Three bituminous coal chars (Illinois #6, Utah Skyline, and Pittsburgh #8) were gasified separately at total pressures of 10 and 15 atm in an entrained-flow reactor using gas temperatures up to 1830 K and particle residence times gasification, although select experiments were performed at conditions where significant mass release was due to gasification by both H2O and CO2. The measured coal data were fit to three char gasification models including a simple first-order global model, as well as the CCKN and CCK models that stem from the CBK model. The optimal kinetic parameters for each of the three models are reported, and the steam reactivity of the coal chars at the studied conditions is as follows: Pittsburgh #8 > Utah Skyline > Illinois #6.

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Lewis, A. D., T. M. Holland, N. R. Marchant, E. G. Fletcher, D. J. Henley, E. G. Fuller, and T. H. Fletcher, “Steam Gasification Rates of Three Bituminous Coal Chars in an Entrained-Flow Reactor at Pressurized Conditions,” Energy and Fuels, 29, 1479−1493 (2015). DOI: 10.1021/ef502608y

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