red ware pottery, Colorado river, pueblo pottery, archaeology


In November 2007, the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) hosted a conference to discuss, clarify, and where necessary revise the standard typology used for prehistoric Puebloan pottery found in northwestern Arizona, southwestern Utah, and southeastern Nevada. The multi-state nature of the area covered makes precise geographical description awkward, but the conference was titled Prehistoric Puebloan Pottery North and West of the Colorado River. Margaret Lyneis and Kelley Hays-Gilpin organized the conference, and they have provided a general discussion of the conference and its conclusions in an earlier edition of Pottery Southwest (Lyneis and Hays-Gilpin 2008). Participants continue to work on various issues raised at the conference with the goal of producing a comprehensive publication describing the ceramics of the region. The more limited goals of this article are to document the decisions made at the conference about red ware ceramic typology and to record some general observations about both red ware typology and the distribution of red wares across the region.

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James R. Allison 2008 Shinarump Red Ware and Other Red Ware Pottery North and West of the Colorado River. Pottery Southwest 27(1):21-34.

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