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Community-based programs have been an important vehicle for the promotion of father involvement in the lives of children over the past decade. There is little available research, however, on the effectiveness of these programs in promoting involvement, or on the experiences of men and staff in building such programs. Despite the emergence of a new generation of federally-funded, state-funded, and locally-funded programs for the fathers and families, a lack of available research means researchers and practitioners run the risk of losing valuable insight to inform better practices for fathering. Devoting a special issue of Fathering to these efforts is our attempt to make already existing programs more visible, to enhance dialogue between researchers and practitioners on evaluation and curriculum issues, and to celebrate the efforts of many "on the ground" who continue too seek ways to improve their efforts with a diverse populations of fathers and father figures.

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Holmes, E. K., Brotherson, S. E., and Roy, K. (2012). Community-based programs for serving fathers. Fathering: A Journal of Research, Theory, and Practice about Men as Fathers: Special Issue on Community Father Involvement Programs, 10(1), 3-5.

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