commitment, conflict, marital quality, religion, sexuality


Although many studies have examined the association between religion and sexuality, the majority of these studies have focused on non marital sex. Unfortunately, despite the fact that a satisfying sexual relationship plays a critical role in married couples' relationship quality and stability, the associations between religiosity and marital sexual satisfaction are not well understood. Thus, to examine the association between religiosity and couples' reports of married sexual satisfaction, the authors of this study used dyadic data from a nationally representative sample of married couples (N = 1,368) between the ages of 18 and 45. They used both joint and individual measures of religiosity as well as examine the relationship mechanisms that might link religiosity and sexual satisfaction. In the models, individual-level reports of marital sanctification were positively associated with wives' and husbands' reports of sexual satisfaction. Furthermore, joint religious activities done in the home were positively associated with husbands' reports of sexual satisfaction. Marital commitment, relationship maintenance behaviors, and spousal time fully mediated these associations for husbands, while commitment partially mediated the association for wives.

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Dew, J. P., Uecker, J., & Willoughby, B. (2018). Joint religiosity and married couples’ sexual satisfaction. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 12, 201–212.

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