Automated well permitting in a coastal region using SEAWAT and ArcGIS


GIS, MODFLOW, ArcGIS, geodatabase


In this paper we describe a GIS‐based system for automated well permitting in Eastern Virginia. The system involves the integration of a calibrated MODFLOW and SEAWAT models into an ArcGIS geodatabase. The model is then used as a baseline for the analysis of candidate wells. Each candidate well is added to the models and the models are run to determine the impact of the well in terms of drawdown and potential for saltwater intrusion. The entire process is implemented using a series of connected, low‐level geoprocessing tools resulting in a simple automated process. The automation serves to reduce error and increase efficiency. The outputs include tables and GIS maps. The process, evaluation criteria, and products can be customized on an agency‐by‐agency basis.

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Jones, N., Lemon, A, Patton, R., "Automated well permitting in a coastal region using SEAWAT and ArcGIS",SWIM21 -21st Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Azores, Portugal, June 21-26, 2010, pp. 187-190.

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SWIM21 - 21st Salt Water Intrusion Meeting




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