Galsan Tschinag, migration, change, German-language, poetry, shaman


Presented March 25, 2004, at the European presentation for Migrations in Society, Culture, and the Library held in Paris. Migration in the works of Galsan Tschinag could be discussed on a number of levels. The first is an actual geographic migration documented in the published diaries of Tschinag. The next level of migration could be a linguistic migration of ideas and words from Tschinag's native Tuvan language which has no written script sometimes to Mongolian, but most often to German. The main focus is on the diverse images of migration in his German-language poetry, often illustrating transmigration of spirits between various animistic elements of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

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Hacken, Richard. "Images of Migration and Change in the German-Language Poetry of Galsan Tschinag." Migrations in Society, Culture, and the Library (Chicago: ACRL, 25), pp. 166-172.

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