Using Online technologies to Extend a Classroom to Learners at a Distance


open education, distance learning, technology in the classroom


The authors studied a course in which an instructor allowed individuals at a distance to participate. Although these students were not formally enrolled in the university where the class took place, the instructor gave them full access to all course materials and encouraged them to complete course assignments. The authors examined the time and technical proficiency required to involve learners at a distance. We surveyed these learners to determine their perceptions of the course and examined their work. Learners at a distance reported receiving some benefit from the course, particularly in terms of learner–content interaction. We surveyed students in the face‐to‐face classroom to determine whether having students participating at a distance in the same class affected their perception of the course. They reported no impact. The implications and limitations of these results are discussed.

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John Hilton III, Charles Graham, Peter Rich, and David Wiley. “Using online technologies to extend a classroom to learners at a distance.” Distance Education. 31 (1): 77-92. (2010).

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