This bibliography is intended as a resource for choral conductors at the beginning of their journey of musical and personal development. While this project cannot possibly cover every aspect of or resource on choral music, it is a beginning. I admit I have spent more time researching my personal weaknesses and have not covered as thoroughly areas in which the choral conducting program at Brigham Young University is exceptionally strong. Even so, I hope this compilation will help address common challenges of beginning choral conductors.

The bibliography is divided into sections by topic, with additional sections on Internet sites and a few miscellaneous resources. Under the bibliographic citation for each book or video, I have included additional information to help in finding these materials. First, I indicate if the resource is out of print. Many out of print materials are still available in libraries or from used bookstores online. Therefore, I have included the Library of Congress call number and/or ISBN, if I could find them. Some of the best websites for finding out of print materials are www.addall.com, www.amazon.com, www.bibliofind.com, and www.fetchbook.com.

Below this information is the list price for materials in print, or a price or price range as of the date I searched online for an out of print resource. I have included the date of my search (price as of [date]) to assist later readers who may be interested in purchasing these materials. Internet searches six months from the date of my online search will probably result in similar prices, but ten years from now, inflation will likely have elevated that amount.

In addition, I have included background information about the author(s) of that resource, if I could find it. These biographical sketches help explain why the material is trustworthy and educate the beginning choral conductor regarding important figures in our field.

Finally, annotations discuss the strengths and limitations of each resource. To this, I have added a personal recommendation on the importance or best use of the source, and a list of important topics covered in that item. These topic listings form the basis of the index at the end of the bibliography.



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