Volume 65, Number 3 (2005)

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A comprehensive ecological land classification for Utah's West Desert
Neil E. West, Frank L. Dougher, Gerald S. Manis, and R. Douglas Ramsey


Evaluating lek occupancy of Greater Sage-Grouse in relation to landscape cultivation in the Dakotas
Joe T. Smith, Lester D. Flake, Kenneth F. Higgins, Gerald D. Kobriger, and Collin G. Homer


Variation in Lewisia kelloggii (Portulacaceae) with description of a new species endemic to Idaho
Barbara L. Wilson, Valerie D. Hipkins, Edna Rey-Vizgirdas, and Thomas N. Kaye


Monitoring temporal change in riparian vegetation of Great Basin National Park
Erik A. Beever, David A. Pyke, Jeanne C. Chambers, Fred Landau, and Stanley D. Smith


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