Western North American Naturalist
Grant Supporting Natural History Symposia

The Western North American Naturalist is a natural history journal committed to publishing excellent, peer-reviewed research focused on the biological natural history of western North America.

We are pleased to announce that we will award one $5,000 grant to facilitate a natural history symposium within the scope of the journal.

To apply for this grant, please submit a 2-page proposal describing the symposium you would like us to help fund. Include the following in your proposal:

A. The natural history topic the symposium will address, with any necessary background information

B. An explanation of how the grant will help fund the symposium

C. A list of possible topics to be discussed and the expected number of papers resulting from the symposium

D. A proposed timeline indicating when the symposium will be held and when papers from the symposium will be ready for review

E. A budget to show how the money will be used. Money cannot be used as salary or overhead, but it may be used for the following:

• Venue expenses
• Speaker expenses (travel, lodging, meals, etc.)
• Publication expenses
• Other justifiable expenses

Expectations of grant recipients:

1. The funded symposium may be held as a stand-alone meeting or in conjunction with any society-sponsored meetings. Grant recipients will provide for submission of at least 12 natural history manuscripts for peer review to WNAN within one year of the conclusion of the symposium. Accepted papers will be published as a special issue of the journal.

2. Recipients will solicit a suitable number of ad hoc associate editors who can assist with the review process for the submitted manuscripts.

Send your proposal to Mark C. Belk, editor-in-chief, at wnan@byu.edu with “WNAN Symposium Grant Proposal” in the subject line by November 30, 2019. We will notify the grant recipients by December 31, 2019.