Nate Kramer


influential women, roles of women


Katalin Nun begins her book Women of the Danish Golden Age: Literature, Theater and the Emancipation of Women with the obligatory remarks about the significance of the Danish Golden Age, but moves quickly to her main thesis: that the women who were also a part of that golden age have been overlooked, forgotten, or rendered important only because of the towering figures (men, of course!) of the period. Thus, Nun begins to carve out a space in which to address the authorships of Thomasine Gyllembourg and Mathilde Fibiger and the acting of Johanne Luise Heiberg, all three influential and important figures in their own right. Although the contributions of these women has been addressed before—Nun mentions, for example, two recent multi-volume works dealing with women in Danish literature and in the footnotes provides an extensive catalog of relevant literature— they have not been taken up in any significant way in English. This book is primarily directed toward remedying this relative absence of scholarship about these important women of the Danish Golden Age.