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Fine Arts and Communications

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Dr. Erin Bailey

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Lane Johnson

Honors Coordinator

Dr. Neil Thornock


choral literature, music education, male changing voices, choral arranging, vocal development, pedagogical choral literature


The “missing males” phenomenon, the disparity between males and females enrolled in choral ensembles in junior high and high school settings, has long been a concern among music educators (Koza, 1993). This gap in choral enrollment is often attributed to challenges associated with the male changing voice, prescribed gender roles, and a lack of suitable repertoire (Ayres, 2020, Lucas, 2011; Hawkins, 2015). The decline of male choral singers poses significant obstacles to fostering balanced and inclusive choral communities. Through an extensive review of existing literature and pedagogical insights from choral experts, this paper reviews the physiological changes associated with voice change and its effect on students’ musical and vocal needs. Building upon this foundation, the research culminates in one choral arrangement and one original choral composition tailored specifically for junior high men's chorus and mindful of the developmental needs of young male singers. iv The compositions, "Oh! Susanna" and "Sea Fever," exemplify the application of pedagogical principles in crafting engaging and accessible repertoire for adolescent male singers. This creative research project seeks to provide educators with a model for composing literature that navigates the challenges of the changing voice and the adolescent male choral experience. Ultimately, it hopes to inspire teachers and composers to continue creating accessible literature for young male singers.