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Recommendations have been made throughout this paper, but in summary, Beaver High Adventure Base should do the following: First, an increase in marketing efforts should be directed toward the Scouts and Scoutmasters who are already involved in other Scouting activities. These are the easiest to reach and the most likely to attend high adventure camps. These efforts should emphasize the factors that are most important to the audience-they want to know they are going to have a great time because there is a variety of activities offered that have been purposefully planned to benefit the Scouts. Just mention shooting something, and you have captivated this audience. Second, the prices and activities offered in the past should be reconsidered. Beaver High Adventure Base should consider which additional activities would be feasible and recognize that these additional options will justify an increase in price. Continue to offer pre-planned programs, but consider increasing the flexibility of camp length. Third, Beaver High Adventure Base should consider hosting a bike race. This would be a good chance to let the troops really experience Beaver High Adventure Base while increasing awareness and emphasizing the fun activities available. Finally, some cosmetic changes need to be made to the website, including emphasis on fun and valuable activities as well as placing secondary information on linked pages. Also, marketing efforts should include an invitation to visit the website to better experience the Beaver High Adventure Base. Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially on the World Wide Web. In conclusion, to increase the camp's attendance, Beaver High Adventure Base should take the above mentioned measures to better convey the exceptional experience it has to offer the troops. Marketing research team is comprised of Aubrey Janzen, Crissi Farnsworth, Michelle Mower, Elise Briggs, and John Romankiw.


This is a collection of marketing research case studies of local companies prepared by BYU graduate students.

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