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Marie Luise Becker was born on December 28, 1871 in Eberswalde. In 1889 she lived with her uncle, Ernest Scherenberg, in Elberfeld before going to Berlin to study philosophy and archaeology. She was also included in the master class of the Berlin Arts and Crafts Museum. While in Berlin, she joined the women’s movement. In 1896 she was an editor at the Illustrierten Frauen-Zeitung and wrote articles about art history and fashion. Between 1899 and 1905, Becker had success in publishing children’s songs, poems, and her first novel.

Becker married Wolfgang Kirchbach, a fellow writer, in 1904; however, the marriage ended with Kirchbach’s death two years later. After the outbreak of World War I, she returned to Germany and worked as a nurse and war correspondent. She married again in 1917 and moved with him from Berlin to Remscheid. They separated in 1934 and Becker moved permanently back to Berlin. She continued to work on more novels, some of which were published internationally. Becker became ill in the 1940s and died in Berlin on January 8, 1960.



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