Reviews, Analyses, and Instructional Studies in Electrochemistry (RAISE)

Aims & Scope

RAISE is an instructor- and/or peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers in the field of electrochemistry with a specific aim to fill the instructional gap between broad textbooks and advanced scientific studies to help raise the next generation of electrochemists and electrochemical engineers and raise the quality of electrochemical studies. This journal welcomes studies that clearly convey the fundamentals of electrochemical methods, theory, measurements, and/or analyses in various applications.

RAISE is open access with no article processing charge. The papers are typically student-led, but non-students are welcome to submit papers as well. The papers are reviewed by an instructor of an electrochemistry course or by experts in the specific sub-discipline or both. The papers are intended to be easily digestible by novices to the field of electrochemistry while still being analytically rigorous. This journal prioritizes clarity and accuracy over novelty to ensure that its aims and scopes are achieved. Papers that provide insufficient background, inadequate details of methods and/or theory, nor analytical rigor will not be considered for publication. Original research, reviews, critical and explanatory analysis, and method papers are welcome and encouraged on the following topics (not comprehensive):

  • Electroanalytical Techniques (voltammetry, chronoamperometry, etc.)
  • Fundamental Theory (double layer theory, Marcus theory, etc.)
  • Electrochemical Processing (electrorefining, electrowinning, etc.)
  • Batteries and Flow Cells
  • Electrochemical Measurements of Properties or Concentration
  • Electrodeposition and Electroplating
  • Nucleation Theory and Analysis
  • Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Electrode Materials for Extreme Environments
  • Instrumentation and Setup for Complex Arrangements (glovebox, furnaces, etc.)
  • Advanced Electrochemical Models

Other topics may also be considered.