Hydrology, Education, Web development, Tethys Platform, HydroShare


In recent years, data and file sharing have advanced significantly, opening doors for engineers from all over the world to stay connected with each other and share data, models, scripts and other information required for scientific and engineering purposes. HydroShare (www.hydroshare.org) was developed by a consortium of universities sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a means for improving data and model sharing. Originally released in 2014, and continually updated since that time, HydroShare has proven to be a valuable resource for a growing number of active users in the field of water resources and environmental research. The graphical user interface is relatively simple and easy to understand and the system provides users with a large amount of free data storage, which makes it particularly useful for academics, researchers, and scientists as well as practicing engineers. This project report presents the design and development of a web-based application (web app) that demonstrates all core functions of HydroShare via a published application programmer interface (API). The resulting web app was developed using the Tethys Platform which is intended for creating web-based applications with database and mapping capabilities. This app demonstrates the use of all of the core functions of the HydroShare Python REST client and includes sample code and instructions for using these functions. The overarching goal of this work is to increase the use and usability of HydroShare via its API and to simplify using the API for student and other programmers developing their own web applications.