Open Water Science and Software

Moving Open Water to the Next Level

This issue of Open Water Journal is exciting because it is the first issue completely comprised of full papers submitted online through our new collaboration with the BYU Harold B. Lee Library and BePress.

While we intend to continue to publish the abstracts and papers from future OpenWater Symposia and other conferences such as the 2017 CUAHSI Hydroinformatics Conference, we are now able to receive and review papers throughout the year from authors who are not conference attendees. I'm thrilled with this development and feel that the papers in this issue represent a good cross section of the kinds of papers that Open Water is intended to publish. For example, herein you will find case studies on watershed modeling using existing models and calibration techniques, new software written in R, Java, and HTML to solve various water data analysis and management tasks, and a fascinating case study in interbasin water transfers in Greece.

I hope you find this issue of Open Water as interesting as I have found it throughout the paper review process.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions in the coming months!

Figure on the cover made by the Itia research team.



Welcome to Open Water Journal
Daniel Ames, Ann van Griensven, Richard Hooper, Anthony M. Castronova, Christina Bandaragoda, and Nigel WT Quinn


HydroShare GIS: Visualizing Spatial Data in the Cloud
Shawn Crawley, Daniel Ames, Zhiyu Li, and David Tarboton


Open Water Data Solutions for Accessing the National Water Model
Michael A. Souffront Alcantara, Shawn Crawley, Michael J. Stealey, E. James Nelson, Daniel P. Ames, and Norm L. Jones


WARMF-Online – A Web-Based Portal Supporting Real-time Salinity Management in the San Joaquin River Basin
Nigel WT Quinn PhD, P.E., D.WRE, F.ASCE; Amye Osti; Joel Herr; Jun Wang; and Elwood Raley


R Code for Data Simulation with Moment Matching
Varvara Vetrova and William E. Bardsley